My Animal Farm

Barbados Blackbelly Sheep

Rocky Mountain Horses

Heavens 1st Grace (aka Graci) and Winston with puppies Patou and Coban

Rocky Mountain Horses are the only horses that I know of that are bred for temperment. They are not only registered, but are also certified by a panel of judges who observe their attitude, temperment and behavior as they are tacked and ridden in their 4-beat gait. They have a distinct personality, with a level of calmness, willingness, kindness and trust in people that makes them easy-going, trainable and very pleasurable to be around. When you combine that with their ultra-smooth gait and their beauty, you've got one amazing horse. They have become favorites across the country and are also in Europe. Rocky Mountain horses are especially suited for children and people with orthopedic and pain issues. They hold special appeal to the 35-65 age range for their general lack of spookiness and magnificently smooth gait.

At My Animal Farm, we are breeding for tempermant, gait and beauty. I especially love Palominos, Blacks and Chocolates with flaxen or white manes and tails. We are extremely thankful for our enormously talented trainer Mic Fenn.

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