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The Hungarian Puli is a herding dog, whose hair grows in cords.  They do not shed, but their coat does require extra effort.  They are a happy, active and athletic breed that are utilized in sheep herding, as watch dogs, and for loving.  When herding sheep, Pulik will often walk across the sheeps back going from
one to the other.  They usually are black, but can occasionally be found in rare white.  In Hungary, there is a third color that is shown called fako.  It is a peach shade.  It is not an approved or accepted color permitted by AKC (American
Kennel Club).  Pulik require a lot of exercise and a lot of baths!  They are
generally a healthy breed, but it is important to purchase your Puli from a
breeder who OFA's hips and elbows and CERF's the eyes.


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