My Animal Farm

Barbados Blackbelly Sheep

Neopolitan Mastiff
                                                IN MEMORIAM
                            1997 - 2003



Once in a lifetime, a person is given a rare and precious gift, in that awesome relationship between non-human and human, where words are not necessary.
When it comes to dogs, I have been blessed.  I have had the honor and great
privilege of being loved, honored and protected by the great and mighty Forest
Edge Jaws of Tiara. 

Thank you, Donna, and the late Bill Welty of Forest Edge Kennels for bringing
Jaws into my life and also Sharon and Charlie Costello of Bellati Kennels for
your friendship and support over the years.  Y'all have taught me about this
awesome breed.  Someday, when Texas becomes air-conditioned, I will get
another Neo!  For right now, protected by FILA!


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