My Animal Farm

Barbados Blackbelly Sheep

                                    Blue Eyed Lavender Guineas
                                               French Guineas

Helmeted Guinea Fowl (Numinidae Meleagris) were brought by the Portuguese
to Europe from Africa in the fifteenth century.
  They have a bare head and neck, sleek body with a short tail and smooth feathers.  They are named for the boney casque on their head.  Cocks weigh 3 to 3.5 pounds and hens weigh 3.5 pounds.  However, French Guineas are twice the size.  Guineas are an outstanding
addition to one's home.  Unlike chickens, Guineas do not scratch.  They will eat every kind of bug and slug that your yard can dish out, including fire ants.  If you are an organic gardener, they are certainly perfect for you.  Guineas are also
excellent "watch dogs", and will tell you when guests have arrived and will also
alert chickens to aerial predators.  They are known to kill snakes and are very effective in keeping snakes away.  These birds can become very tame and
bonded to you and can enjoy your company as much as you will enjoy theirs.

                                                (Pictures to follow)
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