My Animal Farm

Barbados Blackbelly Sheep

Available Finches:
Lady Gouldians                                  
Euro Black Brown Societies                    
Creamino Societies                               
White Societies                                    
Chocolate and White Societies
Fawn and White Societies
Owl Finches
Blue Capped Cordon Bleu
Star Finches   
Chestnut Flanked White English Zebras
Black Cheeked Zebras
Java Rice Finches
Java Rice Finches - Cinnamon                     
Java Rice Finches - Silver
Java Rice Finches - White                        
Gold Brested Waxbills
Rosy Bourke's
English Budgies

The view from our living room.  Gold finches get hungry, too!

Lady Gouldian Finches, Star Finches, Owl Finches.

Hand feeding nectar to a baby Red Flanked Lorikeet

Lady Gouldian Finches.

Forty square foot walk-in community aviary in my home.

This proved to be one of the  most peaceful and serene places for me to
sit quietly and commune with the birds as they would land on me.  I
would often take a book in with me.  Pooped pages were the only evidence
of my tryst with the birds!


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