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Fila Puppies Available: 5 Black and 3 Red Fawn

My faithful Filas are natural guardians and are from multi-international champion working lines. Their desire is to protect and please you. These dogs are attuned to sense danger before a human can and they run faster and further than a perpetrator and unlike a weapon, these dogs never fall into the wrong hands. These brilliant, magnificant, and atheletic dogs will take care of your cherished family. This is a security device you want your children to play and have fun with. If you want a dog that is extremely sweet, very loving, a best friend, exceptionally beautiful and great in the show ring, then Rio Kennel Filas are for you.

The Fila Brasileiro is a Brazilian Mastiff, which is the national dog of Brazil, and is the ultimate personal protection dog for home, property and family.  They are a very large, loving, strong and extremely athletic breed who show supreme loyalty and protectiveness towards family.  They do not need to be taught this, they do this instinctively. They have a quality called "ojeriza", which means "aversion to strangers".  They are short-coated with minimal shedding.  They come in various colors such as fawn and brindle, and two per cent of any Fila's worldwide are black. At My Animal Farm Rio Kennel, I am proud to produce black Filas.  There is nothing quite like the black patent leather shine of a black Fila.  These dogs do well in all types of weather.  However, these dogs are not for everyone. Filas bond strongly with family members and other pets, and they live to protect their loved ones.  These dog's raison d'etre is to idolize their owner. They should not change families.  Getting a Fila is a lifetime commitment.  Anything less would devastate these extremely loving and highly sensitive dogs.  A six-foot nine-gauge cyclone fence is recommended to protect your dog from others and others from your dog.  An interesting aspect of this breed is that they only bark as a greeting or an alarm.  At My Animal Farm, we rest easy relying on our Filas and WE DON'T CALL 911 :)  

Ana da Montanha Segrado and Capeira do Nodib winning puppy championship at 11 months old.  They are the outstanding parents of the puppies that are available, call to reserve your own puppy now.

Ana da Montanha Segrado winning puppy championship.

120 Sanca do Eschabeta II

120 Sanca do Eschabeta II winning CAC

120 Sanca do Eschabeta II winning CAC

Capeira do Nodib

Capeira do Nodib
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