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I specialize in my two favorite breeds of cats, which as you shall see, are diametrically opposed!  I love Silver Persian and Cornish Rex.The Silver Persian is a cat of outstanding beauty with an exemplary coat of a shimmering silver white.  The hair can grow four to five inches long and it is pure white with the last inch or two tipped in either black or pewter. This is what gives the shimmering appearance as they move.  The temperament is one of genteel nobility, and though some Silvers can be talkative, their voice is soft and quiet.  Silver Persians prefer to live life at low heights, do not tend to climb, and love to be near and around their favorite people in a calm and reliable fashion.  They are that quiet gentle presence beside you at the beginning, middle and end of each and every day.  Sometimes I feel that they are the thread that holds the days together in a sense of peace and order and serenity offering a whisper of love.
Cornish Rex are the Mario Andretti's of the cat world.  They never walk anywhere.  They are always busy and they run everywhere.  They are the high speed cats that want to be in your lap, on your book, on your shoulder and playing your piano, simultaneously.  They are fun, fun, fun. They are very dog-like.  While Silver Persians can be compared to a symphony, Cornish Rex are Doo-Wop Rock-n-Roll.  Their legs, tail, ears and neck are longer than other cats.  This seems to make them jump much higher and enjoy heights above and beyond the rest of us.  Cornish Rex want to be with you, near you, on you and involved with you every moment of everyday including under your covers while you are sleeping. Some talk, some don't listen, but they always have opinions.  If their personality doesn't woo you, their extraordinary coat with its' waves and curls will surely overpower you.

Personally, I think, in order to be well-balanced with the Ying and Yang of life, you must have one of each.


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Silver Persian
Cornish Rex


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