My Animal Farm

Barbados Blackbelly Sheep

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

Choban (pron.Show Bon) means Shepherd in TurkishChoban is a seven
month old male, black-masked red fawn Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

They are a strong, powerful and independent breed with an instinct to bond and
protect stock as well as their owners.  They do well on large tracts of land
guarding most any type of livestock or fowl.  They actively patrol, require lots
of exercise and make decisions on their own. 
They bond very strongly to
their charges.  These dogs require a job to keep them happy, healthy,
productive, and out of trouble.  They take their job seriously and can be
fully appreciated when seen tenderly bonding with the stock and ferociously protecting their flock or herd from predators.

Kaia (pron. Kaya) means "rock" in Turkish.  Kaia is a four month old female
black- masked biscuit and white Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

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