My Animal Farm

Barbados Blackbelly Sheep

About Me

This is not a business for me.  This is a passion, a commitment and a lifestyle.
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and my soulmate is a physician.  My animals come first, ALWAYS.  Their physical health, soundness, nutritional, emotional and psychological enrichment are of the utmost consideration.  I
have spent a lifetime studying and cultivating the genetics and bloodlines with which I work.  I am meticulous when it comes to researching the best of the species and breeds which I love.

I demand extremely high standards for breed conformation, type, health, reproduction,
temperament and soundness of body and mind.  It is simple for
me.  Nothing but the very best of the best will do and I am proud to be able to
offer this excellence to others. 

My life has always been about animals.  In the past, I've run my own private
exotic animal
sanctuary, rescuing lions and tigers and bears, Oh my!  Several
of my animals have appeared on Animal Planet and made me feel like one
proud Mama.  All animals rescue, protection, propagation, preservation,
selection, care and treatment is something to which I have always been drawn.  That is why I have selected several rare and endangered heritage breeds from foreign locales and other beloved unique favorites.

I believe in long term relationships with clients and with people from whom I
have purchased an animal.  I offer follow up advice, support, encouragement
and breed specific information on
training, breeding and care.  I consider
myself part of a knowledgeable team that is working for you.  Working cooperatively rather than competitively with other breeders and clients to help each animal reach it's truest potential is my goal.  That is why I am grateful to
all my repeat clients, both in the competitive world of the show ring, and the
loving individual or family who has one of my animals as a cherished pet at
home.  This is the vision of my dream and this is the reality of what My Animal Farm represents.  Thank you, Lord.

Nanci Loren

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